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PAPAGO GS110-US GoSafe 110 HD 720P Mini Dashcam (Black)


Compact and intelligent design with 2" LCD display.

$ 80.00
$ 149.99

Compact and intelligent design with 2" LCD display.

Record HD 720p High Resolution Video. HD 1.3 Mega Pixel Image Sensor. 126 Degree Wide Viewing Angle(FOV). Cycle recording allows old file to be replaced automatically with new files. Auto turn on when car engine is on. HDMI output supports HDTV playback.

Motion Detection Mode: Detect motion and record video when park aside.

Active car safety system such as Stop and Go, Driver Fatigue Alarm, Lighting Reminder. Support low and high temperature protection.

Windshield and Dashboard mounting available. Option of using a Dash bag (sold separately). Supports external storage up to 32GB Micro SD Card (Micro SD Card is not included in the package)

  • Electronics
  • Black
  • 0840494171103
  • Height 210 hundredths-inches
  • Length 275 hundredths-inches
  • Width 120 hundredths-inches
  • Weight 14 hundredths-pounds
  • PAPAGO Inc.
  • 1. Please follow the set-up and usage instructions in the print material that came with this Video Event Recorder (VER) product. 2. You should not set/install this VER at a place that would obstruct or reduce a driver's view; make sure your usage comply with pertinent vehicle codes of your state, province, territory or country. 3. You should post the required notices of recordation to occupants inside the vehicle, if voices or other information/signal pertaining to in-vehicle activities will be recorded. 4. You should not change the VER's setting or mode of operation or when the vehicle is in motion. 5. The optional driving warning signals, including any visual or audible reminding signals, should not replace your decision-making and judgment that are needed for the proper operation of the vehicle. 6. You should not leave the VER in a visible spot when no one is inside the vehicle, to avoid attracting break-ins to steal the unit, or other property.
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  • PAPAGO Inc.
  • GS110-US
  • GS110-US
  • Height 370 hundredths-inches
  • Length 654 hundredths-inches
  • Width 591 hundredths-inches
  • Weight 106 hundredths-pounds
  • Yes
  • GS110-US
  • PAPAGO Inc.
  • compact
  • PAPAGO Inc.
  • 840494171103
  • 1 Year Warranty